Rated the fastest growing paper and consumable supplier in South Africa!

Why Choose Paper Boss?


Rated the fastest growing paper and consumable supplier in South Africa!

Why Choose Paper Boss?

Over 1500 Active Clients Nationwide
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We stock a wide variety of thermal and bond till rolls for all point of sale printers. Our top-seller is the 80×80 thermal roll which is the size that is used in the majority of the retail outlets in Africa. Not sure which roll to buy? Let’s visit your store and do an assessment free of charge!

We stock several card machine rolls, also known as speed point rolls or tally rolls. Our paper is recommended by some of the top banks in the country. We stock rolls for ALL banks card machines.

We specialize in retail related labels. Our fast movers are the shelf edge labels, barcode labels and scale labels. We also offer high tech linerless labels at affordable prices. Not sure about the size of your labels? Let’s visit your store and do an assessment free of charge!

We are proud to be associated with South Africa’s number one paper brand – Mondi. We stock several Mondi products at market related pricing. Our other fats moving brand is Discovery, which is well known for the paper’s durability and consistency.  Discount is offered on bulk purchases.

We are part of a handful of paper supplier still selling the traditional continuous paper. We have 1-part and 2-part continuous paper in a variety of sizes.

Our range of stationery is enormous. We have partnered with one of the country’s largest stationery importers to bring you a massive range of stationery items. Buy bulk and save!

Our hand towels and kitchen towels are available in a variety of sizes. Not sure about the size of your towel? Let’s pop in to your bathroom or kitchen and do an assessment free of charge!

This product is one of our fastest moving products. Our jumbo tissue paper rolls, also knows as “garage rolls” due to the fact that it is mostly used in petrol station forecourts, is a very practical tissue paper roll used to clean or dry basically anything! Other than petrol stations, this is also used in kitchens and bathrooms in numerous industries.

Our serviettes are packed as follows: 1-ply 1000’s, 1-ply 3000’s and 2-ply 1000’s. It is made of high quality tissue paper and is being used in several restaurants across the country.

We stock several brands of toilet paper, ranging from low cost recycled 1-ply all the way to the top of the range 2-ply virgin toilet paper. We offer discount on bulk purchases.

The majority of our cleaning chemicals are SABS approved and packed in 5 and 25 liters. Our product range includes everything from dish wash liquid to boat cleaner! We also stock all your basic utensils and dispensers. Our range of utensils is massive and included basics such as urinal mats, brooms and buckets. Not sure which dispenser to install? We will gladly do a site-visit to determine the dispenser that is ideal for your environment.

We are not encouraging the use of plastic bags, but due to the fact that some of our supply agreements include plastic bags, we have a small range available in our warehouse. It starts with the basic bag-on-a-roll fruit bags all the way to our large refuse bags. Our range of shopping bags comes in 5 sizes: Mini, Handy, Midi, Maxi and Monster.

We stock a wide range of eco-friendly packaging. Our packaging is made of bagasse, PLA and cornstarch. Our biodegradable packaging is strong and versatile and turns into compost in a short period. Bagasse is oven safe, microwavable, freezer safe and contains no harmful chemicals. The best attribute is that is is made from renewable resources. For those that is budget-conscious, we have the traditional Fomolite packaging available at a lower cost.

Our range of wrap and foil includes: Bubble Wrap, Cling Wrap, Pallet Wrap, Tinfoil and specialized wrap and foil products. Our top seller is the extended core pallet wrap which comes in a variety of sizes and microns.

Ribbons is basically a ribbon of ink used in Bond printers. It is a type of printing technology in which an ink-soaked strip (made of a variety of materials) is impacted to transfer ink to paper. We stock a wide variety of OKI and EPSON Ribbons, both original and generic. Our top-seller is the ERC ribbon used to print on 76×76 bond rolls.

We are proud to be a distributor of BLITZ price marking guns. This is a high quality price gun and comes in 3 models: The P8, P14 and S14. We also stock all the different price gun stickers for these guns including BEST BEFORE and SELL BY stickers.

We stock a wide variety of tapes and adhesives, including masking tape, box tape, duct tape, barrier tape, insulation tape, glue sticks, filament tape, double sided tape, fiberglass tape, plumber tape, aluminum foil tape and floor marking tape. Our quality is superb and come highly recommend by all our clients currently making use of our tapes and adhesives! 

Our range of cartridges and toners is massive. We stock ink for all makes and models printers. We have our in-house universal brand called Starink which is a leader in the field of generic ink products. We also stock original toners and cartridges for all printers.

Paper Boss is proud to supply a wide range of PPE products. Our product range truly expanded during the Covid-19 pandemic. We now stock a wide range of masks, sanitizing products, disinfectants, body-covers and fever meters. We supply these products are the lowest pricing possible in order to assist those affected and at risk for any infections and diseases.


Our Services

Till Roll Printing Services

Paper Boss is an agent for all the major printers and converters in Africa. We negotiate lead time, price and quality for our clients. Due to the fact that we print thousands of rolls every month, we can offer printing services at the lowest rates possible. Having done print jobs for major brands and supermarkets all over Africa, we can be trusted to deliver quality print jobs for any company, big or small.

Since 2007, Paper Boss has printed more than 700,000 kilometers of till rolls for clients all across Africa: that is enough printed till rolls to be wrapped around Earth 17 times!

The most popular printing is the basic flexo or litho print used for either advertising or terms and conditions on the back of till rolls. We can print anything from 1 color to full color photo quality images! Other print jobs include black sensor stripe printing, perforated printing, watermarking and several other specialized print jobs. Let’s discuss your printing needs, click HERE to make contact with our printing experts.

Custom Product Design

We can design paper related products to your specifications. Previous designs include packaging designs, folder designs and document storage designs. Combine this with our branding solutions and you have a one of a kind product!

Branding Services

Paper Boss has a separate division in the company called BOSS BRANDING (click here to visit the website). Boss Branding specializes in branded clothing, promotional gifts, signage and vehicle branding.

Imports Exports

We import and export paper and consumable related goods across the world. Our main products, which are thermal till rolls and card machine rolls, are imported on a monthly basis. 

Promotional Items

Paper Boss is proud to be agents for state of the art promotional items, debatably the best quality and biggest variety items in the world. We offer tons of promotional items at affordable rates. We also do vehicle branding, signage, clothing and corporate branding.


Paper Boss was founded by Gustav Prinsloo and his fellow directors in 2007 and was first registered as New Vision Marketing before changing to Paper Boss in 2011.

For the first two years, our main focus was on till slip marketing and advertising, hence the name New Vision Marketing. Clients started asking for more products, and we decided to add them to our portfolio. Today our product range has gone from 1 size till roll to more than 5 000 products! As the product range expanded so has our clientele. We supply paper and related consumables to a wide variety of businesses including: Super Markets, Restaurants, Garages, Hotels, Guest Houses, Offices, Butcheries, Bakeries, Pharmacies, Government Sectors, Sport Clubs, Factories, Gambling Houses and many more.

We have branches in the Western Cape, Southern Cape, Karoo and Gauteng. We deliver free of charge in the majority of towns in SA, but a small fee apply to deliveries in certain areas where we make use of third parties couriers.

At Paper Boss we believe in supplying the best quality products at the lowest prices while giving the best service possible. As quoted by co-owner Gustav Prinsloo: “Being in the paper business for over 12 years have taught us that clients need reliable and express service, while paying the lowest prices in the industry. Combine this with superior customer service and you have a winning recipe for success. My business partner Johann Blom and I will do anything to make sure our customers are always satisfied and impressed with our service. Once clients start buying from us, we want them to remain with us for the rest of their life!”


We have over 1500 clients nationwide here are some below

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Public Involvement

Paper Boss is involved in a large amount of charities and sponsorships. Here are some of our latest involvements:

Durbanville Primary School – Main Sport Sponsor

Paper Boss is extremely proud to be associated with one of the leading primary schools in the Western Cape. We are involved as the main sponsor for their annual golf day, as well as being a supplier to the school.


Paper Boss Charity Initiative

The Paper Boss Charity Initiative is a charitable initiative founded by Johann Blom and Gustav Prinsloo. A certain amount of goods or cash is donated to a NGO / NPO where after the donors challenge any of their clients / suppliers / friends to beat the donation. The first donation was given to the Durbanville Children’s Home in 2019.

Jean-Paul Strydom – Professional Golfer on the Sunshine Tour

Jean-Paul represented South Africa at U-18 and Senior level. As a senior, he was included on a Tour to Scotland and played a test Match against Scotland. He was part of the winning IPT team in 2010 and 2012 (Western Province) His career highlight was his win at the Tour Championship in 2019. Paper Boss is proud to be associated with one of our countries best upcoming golfers.


The Paper Boss Development Company

The Paper Boss Development Company is a separate non-profit company giving back to previous disadvantaged individuals. The aim of this company is to empower individuals of color to become financially independent in a sustainable manner.


Durbanville Golf Club – Main Sponsor

For the past 3 years Paper Boss has been one of the main sponsors of the Durbanville Golf Club. We are really proud to be associated with a top 100 rated course in our country. We are a preferred supplier to the club, as well as a sponsor in numerous areas, the biggest one sponsoring all the staff uniforms for the club.

Cricket – Cape Town 6’s and Action Cricket

For the past 5 years Paper Boss has sponsored several action cricket teams as well as the 2019 winning team at the Cape Town 6’s. We are very proud of the boys and believe there will be a lot more victories for our team!