Till Roll Printing

Paper Boss is an agent for all the major printers and converters in Africa. We negotiate lead time, price and quality for our clients. Due to the fact that we are printing thousands of rolls every month, we can offer printing services at the lowest rates possible. Having done print jobs for major brands and supermarkets all over Africa, we can be trusted to deliver quality and specialised print jobs for any company, big or small.

Since 2007 Paper Boss has printed more than 300,000 kilometers of till rolls for clients all across Africa: that is enough printed till rolls to go around the earth 5 times!

Specialised print jobs include black sensor stripe printing, perforated printing, label printing and watermarking, all of which can be done on a regular basis. The most popular printing is the basic flexo or litho print used for either advertising or terms and conditions on the back of till rolls.

Important Notice

The space on the back of your till rolls are being wasted! Why not use this space wisely and print something on it? You can print your terms and conditions, in-store specials, promotions, SMS competitions, QR codes or barcodes. We can print anything from colour print to full colour photo-quality images!